Thursday, April 26, 2012

I started this project to demonstrate Studio J to a friend.  Since we were planning the layout for her son Sean's 2nd birthday which hasn't happened yet, I didn't have any pictures to use so this was the first time I tried to make and purchase a layout making text boxes where the pictures would go at a later date.  It was a little tricky and there were a couple of places where I didn't get things lined up as well as I thought I had, but with a little practice it is very doable.  I wanted to go ahead and share it, though, because I loved the colors and the energy (I was especially pleased with how the airplane "pulling" the tag turned out) and overall thought it was very fitting for a busy little guy.

I used the Rough 'n Tumble kit and the Fab Fifteen layout (mix #4) for this layout.

Tip: If you decide to replace empty picture wells with text boxes, I found I had better luck if I added a 1/4" mat to the photo well and then added a text box and made sure to use the same color for both, and I had to type in one space so that no text showed, etc.

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