Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Base and Bling creations for CTMH Featured Products Blog Hop

This installment of the CTMH Featured Products Blog Hop puts the spotlight on our Base and Bling line of products.  As always, hops are circular so you should have arrived here from Corinna's blog and since this week there happens to be only the two of us, if you found your way here first then you can head on over to her site when you're done here to see her fun project.

So, Base and Bling pendants, where do I start?  These lovely little pendants are these super cute and incredibly fun projects anyone and everyone can enjoy, even if you're not into traditional paper crafts or even if you've never crafted before.  I admit, when these first came out in the catalog a couple of years ago, I was reluctant to get into it just because I had decades of love-it-then-leave-it craft projects.  However, once I made my first pendant at an event sponsored by the corporate folks from CTMH, I was hooked and I continue to love the different options in each Idea Book and, even better, I keep finding new ways to use these products.  Since the list of participants is a little short this week, I thought I'd take an extra minute or two and showcase some of the various items I've created.
1st row: These pieces were made with our earlier antiqued silver finish which is no longer available.  I ended up with several of these cute little Eiffel Tower charms left over so I picked up an inexpensive jewelry findings kit at a craft store and made earrings out of them.  I put the crystal, monogram (from the current Signature style sheet), and crown on this chain for a birthday present to myself last year, and the "free spirit" pendant (from the Journeys style sheet) on the right side of that chain was one I put together for my daughter's birthday that year.
2nd row: This set was made with the antiqued gold finish (also no longer available).  The crystal, "follow your dreams" pendant and flower charm were the first set I ever made at that corporate event I mentioned, and I felt this one really captured how I feel about being a Close To My  Heart consultant:  it gives me the opportunity to sparkle and bloom!  Cheesy, I know, but totally true.  The middle pendant says "work in progress" (again from the Journeys set) and I wear this one the most often to encourage myself not to get overwhelmed or give up on myself.  The third pendant on this chain is by far the most meaningful of all the pieces I've made so far, I made it using a photograph taken by a friend of the moment my mother was explaining to us  children about the cancer diagnosis she had just received, which would take her life just 2 short years later.  Not only was it a major turning point in all our lives, but if I could show you the larger, original print you would be able to see that it was also a beautiful photograph in its own right, the colors were beautiful and coordinated, and I love that the photographer had no idea what was going on in that moment, he we was just a family friend who was excited to show us his new camera and he thought he had just captured a great "slice of life" pic as this was quite often how you would see my mom on a weekend.  Note:  it was super easy to make this and I love using these pendants for photos rather than a traditional, closed locket as it's easier to work with the photo but also because the image is right there on display.  However, if you are going to use a photo you have printed on a Selfie or home computer, make sure to cover both the front and back of the photo with a clear, smooth packing tape or similar product so that the colors don't run when you apply the Liquid Glass adhesive.
3rd row:  These are some of the newer pieces in the new silvers.  It's hard to see the teal bead next to  the black background but it goes so nicely with this first pendant, which is from a set available exclusively to consultants.  However, I  wanted to show this one as I often make it as a gift for my hostesses or for door prizes at crops that are put on by other people, especially ones that are fundraisers.  The "Hope" pendant is from the new Affirmations style sheet and was my daughter's birthday gift this year.
4th row:  This is another one from the Journeys style sheet in the new gold finish.  I have to say, this one is very special to me as well, as I lost my son nearly 11 years ago to a Cerebral Palsy brought on by a severe seizure disorder he was born with, and I recently learned that Carpe Diem, Latin for "seize the day," has become the awareness phrase for folks dealing with seizure disorders so  naturally, this one is very 'close to my heart.'
And finally, the bottom photo shows one of the newer gold pendants with another image from the consultant-exclusive set but I wanted to show how I used it to dress up my Everyday Life Planner.  All I had to do was thread a thin piece of ribbon under the spine of the 3-ring binder and thread the pendant onto the ribbon before tying the knot.  I haven't decided if I'm going to leave the ribbon at this length or make it longer so I place the ribbon inside the planner and let the pendant lie below  the pages so that it can be used as another bookmark, but when I decide on the ribbon length then I will add a little bit of the Liquid Glass adhesive to the knot so that it stays tied.  I have also made a couple of these lovely little pendants to put on key rings, which makes a fun gift for both guys and gals, but I didn't have any of those on hand to show.

So that's all I have for you today.  Not bad for someone who wasn't going to ever give this a try, huh?  Seriously, if  you have thought  about making one of these pieces yet and haven't, do yourself a favor and give it a try.  They really are so easy and versatile, they make a fabulous way to express yourself with style!  Again, if you haven't been to Corinna's blog  yet, please stop by and check out her project.  Also, don't forget to come back and see us in 2 weeks when we will be showcasing projects made using CTMH's fabulous embossing folders, there should be lots of inspiration for us to share!  Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!  ~~  Annette

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  1. That was a great explanation of all the different pieces, Annette.
    Your ideas are great. The personal photo seems very meaningful for you.